Getting Fit without having to spending a fortune.

Gym memberships are getting to be quite pricey these days. We recently surveyed a number of wellness, fitness and health conscious businesses to see what they recommended for individuals that couldn’t afford a gym membership.

Below is a compilation of the top exercises we received in the survey.  Thank you especially to Cornerstone Wellness Center ( for their time and contribution to this research.

  1. Bench Press

This type of exercise is used for creating powerful development of the body, triceps,  and shoulders. The Bench Press ends in a very commendable result of your present body. This type of exercise is really common for men to do in the gym as it helps your body to strengthen your stamina.

  1. Pull Up

The best type of exercise for developing wide muscles is pull up. This makes your shoulders and arms look enchanted. It contains a great significance for constructing your arms wide. The exercise is done by pulling yourself up to a metal rod above to your head.

  1. Close Grip Push Up

This exercise carries up the foundation in changing your pair of arms wide. As your body contains pairs of biceps and triceps they all grow at the same rate. The arms feel strengthened and grow your muscles wide. The exercise is mainly carried out for arms and shoulders.

  1. Plank

Many people think that doing a plank is a great and impressive deal for your body. The planks make the person doing it strengthen up its legs and shoulders. The exercise is mainly focused to do if you want to keep your body fit and well. The exercise is carried out mostly for building six-packs.

  1. Rollout

This type of exercise is carried out by using a roller. The exercise is somewhat similar to plank but it works in a different way. The exercise is done with the longer you stretch yourself up to the barbell which then results in a significant strength of your body.

  1. Step-Ups

The exercise is done by putting both your legs, one-by-one onto a stair system platform. Repeat it again and again. This makes your muscles grow wide and have some significant impacts on your hip bone and strengthen your stamina which results in a great exercise for men’s body.

  1. One Arm Swing

Get a dumbbell and swing it fast towards your legs and then above through your head. Repeat it again and again. This exercise will not only widen your arms but it will also keep your backbone strengthen to work.

  1. Star Plank

The main feature for this type of exercise is that it keeps your chest fit and also proves your chest to grow wider and harder. The weight can be carried out easily by your shoulders and make your arms, shoulders, and chest proved to be a good weight lifter.

  1. Pistol Squat

The well-known needed single leg exercise. The pistol squat is great to test for your strength and power. It is done by crouching by lowering yourself by one leg as the backside leg is turned into a right angle. This exercise makes your body to maintain balance.

  1. Side Plank

This exercise is like a simple plank. The exercise is carried out by increasing your strength in the way facing muscle cores. Significantly, when to balance your external muscles and abdominal muscles